Marketing Action Plan (MAP)

A blueprint to unlock your business growth potential

Is your sales efficiency hamstrung by inefficient lead generation or marketing strategies?

The challenge for many businesses is there isn’t a clear marketing strategy that truly serves their sales objectives, so their sales team is left to pick up the pieces, while the whole organisation wears the cost of the inefficiencies.

Many of these inefficiencies can be avoided or rectified, if your web presence is built on the right foundations. Just like building a home, trying to build a website without a clear blueprint for your marketing is destined to lead to disappointment.


Planning for marketing that builds your business efficiently

From your website to your social media pages and ad accounts, each piece of your online strategy should have a role in contributing to your overall marketing goals.

This is what your Marketing Action Plan provides, creating a tailored marketing MAP which includes:


Understanding your
Ideal Customer

Accurately Representing Your Value

Required Functions and

An Actionable Website Plan


Key Opportunities Analysis

ROI Focused Marketing Strategy

The process to creating your MAP

Creating your Marketing Action Plan is done over a five stage process.

1. Initial chat

Before committing to your MAP, our initial complimentary discussion will answer any questions and ensure the process will deliver the best outcomes, or if a different solution would be better suited. Once confirmed, the process continues as follows.

2. Questionnaire

Prior to our discovery session, a brief questionnaire will be provided to ensure clarity on your goals and the information needed for the initial research.

3. Consultation/Discovery Session

Your half day discovery session is where we focus on identifying your building blocks for greater marketing growth. This includes identifying what is working in your sales processes, who your ideal client is, your core value proposition and key opportunities.

4. Plan Development

From the foundation gained in our discovery session and follow up research, a tailored plan is developed for your business. This will include a website and marketing plan, competitor and opportunity analysis, plus implementation options.

5. Delivery and Review

Once completed, your plan will be delivered and accompanied by an in person meeting or Zoom call. The review is your opportunity to ask questions and ensure the plan is completely matched to your requirements and ready to implement. From there, you have the option to select one of our provided turn-key implementation options, have us work with your existing team for implementation, or simply be available for future strategy requirements.

Get your MAP to better marketing efficiency

To see what a Marketing Action Plan could do for your business, reach out to arrange a complimentary call and quote.

Ready to unlock your
growth potential
with your
Marketing Action

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